Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bologna Biscuits for Breakfast!

I work in a small town. Many people have not heard of it when I mention it by name, but when I tell them it’s near a well known airport, they immediately know the area. This place is far from metro-chic and if it were not for the prominent government contractor buildings and the hotel district, I would describe it as…how can I put it…a hick town. And let me be clear; not “hick” as in quaint, Mayberry-esque.

On one side of town there’s a High’s Dairy. I didn’t know High’s still existed. Last time I saw one was about 16 years ago and it was clearly a poor attempt at replicating the original. Think “8-12” – you know the fake 7-11 that sells everything from bread & milk to clothing items and cheap jewelry. But this High’s ain’t no throwback. It comes equipped with the hand dipped ice cream counter.

On the other side there’s a Hardee’s. HARDEE’S? Didn’t Roy Rogers buy them out, here in the North, and didn’t Roy Roger’s go out of business? I couldn’t get a picture of it (thanks to the cheap camera phone), but this one had a sign that said, “New Breakfast Item: Bologna Biscuit - $1.49”. I don’t know what’s worse; the fact that bologna biscuits are on the menu or the fact that they are $1.49. You can get a whole pack of meat bologna for like $ 0.99. You can get a Mc.Double for $1.00…meaning TWO patties. That price is ridiculous. I swear I’m not making this up.

I thought this kind of stuff only existed in the South. My bad, Maryland is technically “the South”, isn’t it?


  1. MD is most definitely the South! *lmao* I have never seen a bologna biscuit advertised. That's funny!

  2. LOL... too funny. Yes, Maryland is the south. And as a good southern gal, I would have bought and enjoyed that bologna biscuit. If for no other reason than to say that I had one.

    But only if they had sweet tea to go with it.


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