Friday, March 2, 2012

A Friday Funny

I was just reading a post on the Book of Faces about a little girl who had stuck a bead in her ear at school.  It was surgically removed today.  The mother was perplexed as to why her daughter would do such a thing since she’d never done anything like it before.

I don't have an answer but the post got me to reminiscing'…

Picture it: a small town in MD, circa 1980.  I was a young, precocious lass of about 6 years of age and spending a couple of weeks with my aunt in the summer.  This was a yearly ritual; my mom and dad would pack my brother and me up and take us to my maternal grandmother’s for a few weeks.  During those weeks, we’d go spend time with my aunt and my cousin.  (Side note: my parent’s had it sweet sending us away for upwards of a month in the summer.  Wonder what they were doing? #freechildcare)

 Now my cousin LOVED Legos with every fiber of  his being and we played with them every evening before bed.  Since the boys would always alienate little ole pesky me, I was often left to build my own empire out of the colorful little blocks all by my lonesome.  

One particular evening, I saw a small green block that was calling my name.  I picked it up, examined it closer and…stuck it clear (and far) up my right nostril.

I quickly realized that I couldn’t get the thing out.  Too far up to pick it out with my fingers.  So I closed my mouth and the free nostril with my finger and blew hard to try and let the force of the wind behind the blow dislodge the block from my nose.  Did this for what seemed to be a lifetime and…

No dice.

I sheepishly went to my aunt for help and she, without any judgment, worked and worked and worked to get it out of my nose while I'm sure she was trying to contain her laughter. A little bit of tweezer work and a few more hard blows and the thing was out.  Crisis averted, no hospital visit needed.

Please don’t ask me why I would do such a thing.  Attention maybe? I don’t know. But thinking back on it today, I sure did get a good chuckle.

Kids do the darnest things, I tell ya.

Have you ever done anything silly like that as a child?  Let me know about it.