Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Hair Update: Scissor Happy!

I was planning to wait until the end of June or July to straighten my hair and get a little trim.  You see, last year when I had some heat damage chopped off, there was no rhyme or reason to my hair.  It wasn’t shaped and I didn’t care because I didn’t plan on straightening it again for at least a year.  I had been researching salons and was set on a spot in New York that I planned to patronize on my business trip in June. 

I viewed this Youtube video last Thursday and was inspired to try this style out since all of my hair could gather into a substantial ponytail without me feeling like I was giving myself a facelift from pulling my hair so tight.  And the style was a huge success (I only used one pack of hair, not the 2 as suggested in the video).  Anyway, folks loved my bun and I’d settled on the fact that I was going to wear this style for 3 more days and on and off for the next month until I got my hair done professionally.

But then something happened.  I loathed the amount of gel I had to use to slick the hair down.   And then my scalp started feeling a little suffocated.  And then suddenly, I was fixated on getting my hair cut, not trimmed.  Then I talked myself off the ledge and tied a satin scarf around my edges, put on my satin bonnet and went to sleep Friday night with the intentions of repeating the bun.

But…what had happened was…

I woke up at 8:00 Saturday morning and HAD TO wash that product out of my hair.  And then I started digging in my stash of products for the blow-drying cream, and then the maxi.glide was plugged up and then…

A couple of hours later I was in my car, driving to my local chop shop where I have a tried and true stylist that does what I ask.  And I told her to cut my hair…even out the length…layer it. 

It was funny because even though she hadn’t seen me in almost a year she said, “No, you mean a small trim like usual, right?”  I shook my head and repeated my instructions.  She then says, “You know you’ll lose about 1-1/2” of hair off the back, yes?”  And I said without hesitation, “Yep, get started.”  She smiled and got to cutting.

She did mention while cutting my hair that it was very healthy (much healthier than the 1st time she cut it a couple of years ago) and that with the type of growth I got in the span of 10 months, my hair would grow back in no time if I kept doing what I was doing.  Little does she know that my hair should have been at least 2 inches longer because I had been snipping and clipping ends like nobodies business over the last 10 months.

By the way, I love it!


Post Cut

Full disclosure: I did have a few splits and knots that can only be attributed to wearing my hair out throughout the winter months.  But said splits certainly weren’t running an inch and a half up my hair strands.  This cut was done because I wanted a noticeable change to my hair.  I also needed to even out the length and give my hair some shape.