Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What part of the game is this?

Take 1:

Girl meets boy

They talk briefly…they exchange numbers…they both give good phone…smiles and laughs all around…this *could* go somewhere.

An informal meeting is discussed, if there’s time.

There isn’t time.

No biggie.  

Take 2:

Boy calls girl.

They chat.

Again…good phone.

Boy goes out of his way to make arrangements to meet girl the very next day.  He’s been busy but wants to meet…his schedule is flexible…he’s spontaneous…blah blah blah


Meeting arranged.  Boy to call and confirm time.

No call…no text…no nothing.

Girl deletes number.

Is this what’s hot in the streets on the dating scene?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Sally Hansen:

I have been singing your praises ever since I first purchased the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes.  I love other nail polish brands but your application brush keeps me coming back.  I haven’t found any other brand that has an applicator brush like yours.

And now you come out with nail polish strips that last up to 10 days?!?!?  I love these things too, especially the couture designs.  Oh and the glitter and metallics.  But I can’t find Kitty Kat yet.  Grrrrrr (or should I say, "meowwww")…  I need that one in my life.

Anyway, if you’re a lady reading this blog and you love a party on your nails, check out the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips.  They are awesome.  I’ve personally applied Misbehaved, Laced Up and Frock Star with no problems.  And removal is as simple as application; just use acetone nail polish remover.  Let me modify that last statement: Frock Star was a little more difficult for application and removal – but aren’t all heavily glittered polishes.

You can find these strips most places where Sally Hansen products are sold.

P.S. I bought this product with my own money and have not been compensated for this review

A Break Up In Fragments

After being in a more than 4 year relationship,

I’m no longer in one.

It was pretty devastating, initially.

Who would do such a thing?

I tell you who: HIM.

Why though?

Only he and God know.

And I’m sure God is giving him the side-eye.

I don’t need an explanation

I’m good now.

Still can’t figure out how that crap happened.

Thank God I learned early on about the necessity of forgiviness.

Not for him; for me.

Every thing happens for a reason

I dodged a bullet

That isht still has me baffled though…

You reap what you sow

Always remember that


In other news…

I’m back on the dating scene.

Pray for me!