Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back in Stride Again!

You might think that the title is referencing my blogging stride. You would be partially correct.

With my home ‘puter acting a donkey and the settings on my other computer not allowing me to access certain sites on the ‘www’, I haven’t been able to view the one thing that is near and dear to my heart: my Google reader.

My Boo

Imagine my dismay when I went to log on a week or so ago and got an error message. I surely thought that my job had blocked the site. But not so, because I could go on other sites like YT and Gmail.

And then I was ‘tagged’ by a friend (more on that later), drafted the post and went to Blogger to actually post it - she would've been so proud of me - and…nada, nothing, zilch. I thought I would find a work around but I wasn’t in a rush to get it done.  Procrastination, thy name is Lisa.

Then my non-access to certain sites caused a problem with my work duties. Hold. The. Phone. That’s unacceptable. So I worked to have the problem fixed and, I’m back!

Now I don’t have to view my favorite blogs from my Reader app on my other Boo, the Evo. Oh, and I guess I can go ahead and queue up some of these drafted posts as well.

How have y’all been doing?