Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Product Review: A Final Word on “Curls”

I’ve written about the Curls products here and here.

I used the products that I purchased with my own money once again; this time, following the instructions to the letter.

I detangled and clarified my hair, ridding it of any product build up.  I then applied the cleansing cream to each section of hair and worked it through.  Bleh!  My hair still didn’t feel quite right.  I expected it to feel soft.  After the rinse, I applied the conditioner to my hair, added a plastic cap and sat under the hood dryer for 25 minutes.  I rinsed my hair with cool water.  Again, still didn’t completely like how my hair felt and I'm pretty sure it's because of the protein content in the conditioner.  I sectioned off my hair, added a bit of leave in conditioner along with some gel and braided each section of hair for a braid out.  I don’t like braid-outs on me either, by the way.

I really want to love these products but I just don’t.  Maybe I'm using the wrong things for my hair type. And because of the price, I'm pretty sure I won't be trying any other products from this company unless, of course, someone recommends something that's really working for them.  LOL - PJ for Life!  I am happy, however, that they work for others and will find somebody to give them too. 

Any 4B ladies out there that use Curls and like it?  If so, what are you using?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Still Growing and Styling Update!

Whew, Lord.  I’m back to blogging.

The last month has been a doozy.  Although I ‘m not going to share the details here (or maybe I will) of what has happened; let’s just say that I really missed blogging.

On to hair…

In an effort to not be a slave to my hair, I’ve changed up my regimen so that I can now wash and style my hair during the week so as not to clog up an entire Friday night or Saturday afternoon.  What have I done differently, you ask? 

I’ve been blow drying my hair.


We should never say never when it comes to things in life; even hair.  I’m pretty sure that I was on a “no heat” type challenge not too long ago but I had to be completely honest with myself; for the winter months, it’s just not that practical.  Further, I don’t want to have to wear twists in my hair for a full day (usually Friday night through Saturday) to allow my hair to completely air dry. Also, the more stretched my hair is, the fewer knots I get.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  LOL

Anyway, last Thursday evening (8:00PM!), I detangled, washed and conditioned my hair.  I then parted off in random sections, applied some whipped shea butter and grapeseed oil (for heat protection) and blow dried each section on the low setting until the hair was just about dry.  I applied a leave in conditioner and broke the larger section down into smaller ones and twisted, adding a dab of Garnier Fructis Body Boost Gel for a little hold. 

Friday, I was able to wear my hair “out” to work and I am very pleased with the results.  I’m rolling with this process for now.  I have noticed that my hair is growing quite nicely as well; although, I’m in desperate need of a haircut so that my hair can have shape.  Not sure if the length is a result of the blow drying (probably is) but I’m going to have to look for a styling alternative because my “bangs” are getting in the way. 

Take a look!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Target and CVS

Yeah, those are Willow Smith’s favorite places to shop.  How "regular person" is that?  LOL

Friday, February 4, 2011

Is That a Spider? Knot!

The picture below is not of some tiny little spider-like bug that I found at my desk.

This picture, my dear friend, is of a dreaded fairy knot.  Fairy knots (or single strand knots) are pure and simply, the devil - specifically to the highly textured hair community.  I remember reading about knots and honestly, I didn’t really believe that your hair could magically coil upon itself or that two strands of hair could wrestle each other and create one.  I was sorely mistaken. 

Those jokers exist! And, I guess that’s where “fairy” comes into play because surely there’s a tiny gnome-like creature with wings that’s going around and tying these things in my hair.

*deep sigh…*

I still don’t stress over it.  If I find one, I just take a pair of shears and snip it off.  No biggie.

What can you do to prevent knots?
·        Keep your hair moisturized and seal the ends with oil.
·        Limit wash-n-go styling – shrunken hair is more susceptible to knots and tangles than stretched hair.
·        Use protective styles (twists, braids, wigs and weaves); and if that is not your preference (like me),
·        Twist your hair at night and protect it with a satin bonnet or pillow case
·        Or…straighten your hair. *clutches pearls*  But really, straight hair just doesn’t knot.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quick Pic and Curls Update

Here’s a February picture of my hair.  I’m still experimenting with loose hair vs. protective styling for the winter and this is just a regular twist-out which is my staple style.

I’m 4 days post Curls usage and I don’t like the way my hair feels.  And looking at this picture, I'm not all the way kosher with how it looks either.  Nothing has changed in my routine except for those products and my hair feels a teeny bit crunchy and is not as stretched as I'd like it to be.  I suspect it’s the protein in the conditioner but I’m going to give it one more try this weekend, with a couple of modifications, to confirm whether I like the Curls line or not.  I really want to like it because if I don't, I’ll have to give the products away.

Have you used anything new on you hair lately?  Did you like it?  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Lord here I am, Lord please have mercy on me.
I left your side, so now I'm making my plea.
I tried to pretend that everything was okay,
Deep in my heart I knew better Lord.
Running around in circles of sin,
Lord I chose you before and now I choose you again.

Restoration, Lord I know that I've gone way too far.
Restoration, Lord I know I've been running for way too long.

I compromised; hanging out with friends from my past.
I thought no harm done, but my flesh took over in a flash.
Even when I was with them my mind wasn't there,
For I knew if you came Lord that I'd be left.
So like the lost sheep that has gone astray,
I went back in the fold and now I'm back here to stay.

Restoration, Lord I know that I've gone way too far.
Restoration, Lord I know I've been running for way to long.

Raise your hands, He'll reclaim you, He'll restore you, and restoration begins.
Raise your hands, He'll reclaim you, He'll restore you, and restoration begins.

Give it up, turn it loose, just surrender, and restoration begins
Give it up, turn the world loose, just surrender, and restoration begins.

Raise your hands, He'll reclaim you, He'll restore you, and restoration begins.
Raise your hands, He'll reclaim you, He'll restore you, and restoration begins.

Give it up, turn it loose, just surrender, and restoration begins
Give it up, turn it loose, just surrender, and restoration begins

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Before You Die...

Get Up and Live!

I had no idea that the Celebration of Gospel was scheduled to air this past Sunday.  I don’t recall seeing all the hype as in past years with commercials, radio spots and such but it happened.

I try not to watch BET much for all apparent reasons.  And if you have no clue as to what those reasons could possibly be then, it's better to have folks think you're a fool than open your mouth and prove it AND...look what they've done to The Game!!!  But I did want to check out The Celebration. 

I can’t say I was overly impressed by the show but overall, it was decent.  I could definitely point out some side-eye moments but…I mean…it was the celebration of GOSPEL and I need all the positive points to be written in the Book of Life under the entry that says my name.  Let's just say that I didn’t finish the viewing experience thinking I had lost 2 valuable hours of my life.  I enjoyed the performances, the songs, the tributes and the artists.  Mr. Harvey blessed us with a classic tux (sans sparkles) instead of wearing a suit from his collection.  Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus for that blessing.

Sorry for the huge digression, but stick with me.

One person/performance who rarely, if ever, disappoints is Kirk Franklin.  I know he's not a traditionalists in the Gospel music arena and many folks frown upon his creativity (secular inspiration?) but that little man has a way with a song and performance whether it’s slow and reflective (Imagine Me) or something that is high energy.

I loved his opening act and am in great anticipation of his next project if this song and “I Smile” is any indication of how it’ll turn out.  I joked with my cousin that I would fall straight out if I saw him do any parts of "The Dougie" and by golly, I found myself ‘slayed in the spirit’ when he did!  By the way, I see you Mary Mary.  But for real though…


I've Been Steaming!

My hair, that is.

I first heard about “steam treatments” almost 3 years ago – at the beginning of my “going natural” journey – from a distant cousin who lives in Texas. The harsh water in Texas was wreaking havoc on her hair leaving it dull, brittle and lifeless.  She flew to Atlanta at least once a month (thanks to buddy passes) so her stylist could resuscitate her hair.  Part of the process was spending time under a steamer.  

Fast forward about a year and I started hearing more about hair steamers.  I hadn’t quite gotten a handle on my own hair (even after a year long transition and a couple of months being completely natural) as it related to having a good moisture level.  My hair continued to feel dry and brittle to the touch.

I figured I’d try the steamer to help me out.  I didn’t purchase the Huetiful Hair Steamer  because every time I went to the site to order, they were out of stock.  So I trekked over to ebay and found an Ion Facial and Hair Steamer shipped from China.  The picture looked the same as the Huetiful and the seller had a high rating, so I took a chance and purchased it...for less, I might add.  Ten days later and it was delivered and worked just fine.

A few people have asked me about the benefit of using a hair steamer.  My response: “Using a hair steamer is like deep conditioning...on steroids.”  I personally think steaming is better than using a plastic cap and sitting under the hood dryer and that’s mainly because I loathe sitting under hot, dry heat.  You sit under the steamer without a plastic cap so the steam is in direct contact with your hair and opens the hair cuticles which allows the conditioner to penetrate better.  Steamers are also said to help prevent breakage and split ends.  And the booklet that came with my Ion steamer states that the steam is also an effective scalp cleanser. 

There are quite a few reviews on the internet and I’ve yet to see anyone say that it isn’t a good investment.  However, don’t go broke trying to purchase one.  We’ve been deep conditioning without steamers all this time and our hair has been doing just fine.  And let’s be honest, we all go into these product purchases with the intention of being consistent in our use and it doesn’t always happen that way.  *raises hand slowly*

2 ways I justified my purchase:
  1. I had some unexpected mad money that wasn’t earmarked for anything else.
  2. I calculated cost per use.  Regular salons charge anywhere from $10-25 extra for a steam treatment.  Using that rationale, the steamer has paid for itself many times over.  Plus, I don’t go to the salon.

Have you used a hair steamer?  Thinking about getting one?