Friday, October 2, 2009

What a Random Week!

• I recently volunteered at a community day where we gave away information and food – not just canned goods, but groceries. It started raining at around 2:30pm. People would not go home. Do you think it was because they were trying to grab the last bit of free groceries that we were giving away? Nope. They were waiting in line – IN THE RAIN…to get the free cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones. And they were NOT children.

• Did you know that Chuck Norris will be 70 years old in 2010? He has a set of twins. They are 8 years old.

• My father is 73 years old. I am 35. 70 must be the new 40.

• I really don’t like it when I go to the ladies room at work and someone is using “my stall”. Ticks me off.

• I can not believe that Whoopie Goldberg tried to make a distinction between rape and “RAPE-RAPE” on The View this week when discussing the Polanski case. Don’t believe me? Take a look. I’ll wait…

Can you believe that?

13 year old + 40something year old + alcohol & drugs + “consensual” sex = RAPE each.and.every.single.time in my book.

Now every time I see her on that tmobile/google phone commercial, I’m going to suck my teeth and give her the stank-eye. Watching “Ghost” will never be the same.

• I think I have eaten more food this past week at work than I have in the entire month of September. Thank God I haven’t gained any weight.

• I REALLY need to start back exercising on a regular basis. The Fall/Winter months are the time when I tend to pick up weight. Last year before I knew it, I was almost 25 pounds heavier. That will NOT happen again this year.

• My sons are the coolest kids ever! Love them to itty-bitty pieces.

• I really REALLY love my job, my co-workers and my boss. After all those years of working with crazies, God saw fit to bless me with a great work family.

• My name is Lisa and I’m a reality show junkie.

• I just found out last night that my son watches the Real Housewives of Atlanta on purpose. That is so funny to me.

• They should make a reality show with Tim Gunn from Project Runway and Dwight from RHOA.

• Dr. Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy is a really good actress.

• I’m so glad that the weekend is here.

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  1. Bwahahaha! Love it, Lisa! Why ppl got nerve to be using "your stall" at work?? don't they know they are more than welcome to use any of the other 3 or 4 available ones?? just RUDE!


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