Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hump Day Happenings

· Et tu Brute?

· Please note that if your Bluetooth headset is not working properly and won’t enable/pair with your cell phone, you should probably charge the device to see if that’s the problem.

· It took me 2 days to figure this out.

· If someone wants to do me bodily harm in my own house, just do it in the morning while I’m in the shower and everyone else is asleep. This morning the shower door straight slammed off the track and made a huge crashing noise, and not one person woke up to see what happened.

· Because of that lil’ incident, I have taken some ibuprofen and now have ice on my foot. Ouch!

· I have on a pair of gray chevron tights and they itch my legs something terrible. Even when I turned them inside out.

· How can it be that on a Federal holiday when traffic is supposed to be lighter, the Parkway was moving at a snails pace? Even the traffic reporter on the radio was in confusement.

· Blame it on the rain.

· I never knew that pawning library books was the new hustle. Read this. Straight madness.

· Smoked jalapeño almonds are DELICIOUS!

· Dear Sammy Sosa: Love the skin you’re in. With Love, Lisa

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