Monday, August 9, 2010

Opinions Are Like...

Her: My co-worker saw your picture and thinks you’re beautiful.

Me: Aww, tell him I said thanks.

Her: But your hair wasn’t natural in that picture.

Me: O_O

Her: I like your hair, it’s…different. What did you do?

Me: Oh, just washed and conditioned and then twirled small pieces around my finger with some gel to make spirals.

Her: Did you cut it? It looks short.

Me: *stretching a coil* It shrinks a lot but yes, I did cut about 3 inches last week.

Her: Well, there’s always weave.

Me: O_O

Him: Your hair is really short

Me: No, it’s not…it’s just appears short because it shrinks a lot

Him: Your hair looks like…I don’t know…it’s an afro.

Me: Pretty much.

Him: Oh, I know! You look like Alicia Keys’ hair in “Secret Life of Bees”

Me: Is that a compliment or an insult

Him: Uhmmm…

Me: O_O


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  1. Wow. People will say anything won't they. And probably didn't even think they were being mean. SMH!!!


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