Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Before You Die...

Get Up and Live!

I had no idea that the Celebration of Gospel was scheduled to air this past Sunday.  I don’t recall seeing all the hype as in past years with commercials, radio spots and such but it happened.

I try not to watch BET much for all apparent reasons.  And if you have no clue as to what those reasons could possibly be then, it's better to have folks think you're a fool than open your mouth and prove it AND...look what they've done to The Game!!!  But I did want to check out The Celebration. 

I can’t say I was overly impressed by the show but overall, it was decent.  I could definitely point out some side-eye moments but…I mean…it was the celebration of GOSPEL and I need all the positive points to be written in the Book of Life under the entry that says my name.  Let's just say that I didn’t finish the viewing experience thinking I had lost 2 valuable hours of my life.  I enjoyed the performances, the songs, the tributes and the artists.  Mr. Harvey blessed us with a classic tux (sans sparkles) instead of wearing a suit from his collection.  Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus for that blessing.

Sorry for the huge digression, but stick with me.

One person/performance who rarely, if ever, disappoints is Kirk Franklin.  I know he's not a traditionalists in the Gospel music arena and many folks frown upon his creativity (secular inspiration?) but that little man has a way with a song and performance whether it’s slow and reflective (Imagine Me) or something that is high energy.

I loved his opening act and am in great anticipation of his next project if this song and “I Smile” is any indication of how it’ll turn out.  I joked with my cousin that I would fall straight out if I saw him do any parts of "The Dougie" and by golly, I found myself ‘slayed in the spirit’ when he did!  By the way, I see you Mary Mary.  But for real though…


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  1. That performance turned my frown upside down!


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