Friday, February 4, 2011

Is That a Spider? Knot!

The picture below is not of some tiny little spider-like bug that I found at my desk.

This picture, my dear friend, is of a dreaded fairy knot.  Fairy knots (or single strand knots) are pure and simply, the devil - specifically to the highly textured hair community.  I remember reading about knots and honestly, I didn’t really believe that your hair could magically coil upon itself or that two strands of hair could wrestle each other and create one.  I was sorely mistaken. 

Those jokers exist! And, I guess that’s where “fairy” comes into play because surely there’s a tiny gnome-like creature with wings that’s going around and tying these things in my hair.

*deep sigh…*

I still don’t stress over it.  If I find one, I just take a pair of shears and snip it off.  No biggie.

What can you do to prevent knots?
·        Keep your hair moisturized and seal the ends with oil.
·        Limit wash-n-go styling – shrunken hair is more susceptible to knots and tangles than stretched hair.
·        Use protective styles (twists, braids, wigs and weaves); and if that is not your preference (like me),
·        Twist your hair at night and protect it with a satin bonnet or pillow case
·        Or…straighten your hair. *clutches pearls*  But really, straight hair just doesn’t knot.

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