Tuesday, April 12, 2011

March/April Hair & Styling Update

There’s really nothing new going on in the world of my hair.  I still haven’t done any protective styling and as a result, I have encountered my share of knots.   I’m really not that concerned because the knots are concentrated at the very ends of my hair strand and can easily be snipped off with a good pair of shears.

I’m pretty sure I snipped of about 1/8” of hair about a week ago when I was retwisting my hair for bed.  The ends were feeling a bit rough.  That little snip made a world of difference in the appearance of my twist-out the next morning.

Last night I detangled, washed and deep conditioned my hair (after 3 weeks!), blow dried it and twisted.  I blow dried in sections using grape seed oil as my heat protectant.  Once dry, I applied the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque as a leave in then broke the larger section into smaller ones.  I used a mixture of Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding, aloe vera gel, Garnier Fructis styling gel and some {silicone-mineral oil-olive oil leave in moisturizer} representing itself as a ‘natural’ product.  This concoction was born out of no full supply of any styling product (gasp, how’d that happen?!). I smoothed that mixture on each smaller section and twisted.  When all was said and done I had about 40-50 small twists.  Now, I don’t usually do this many twists but I wanted a lot of definition initially so that my twist out can be just right by the weekend.  After completing the twists I applied a satin scarf to prevent shrinkage and then a bonnet to protect the twists that were hanging out of the scarf.

This morning I strongly considered keeping the twists in for work but couldn’t figure how to style them.  So while driving to work, I untwisted.  LOL  I had already applied a light oil before leaving the house.  I did minimal separation or fluffing because it was raining and I didn’t want to promote additional frizz.

Side note: that styling concoction…#winning.  I got a nice, soft hold with good definition.  I’m really not that concerned these days with the evil ingredients in the styling product.

Here’s a really terrible phone camera pic of the results.  Note that I haven’t really done anything to my hair – no fluffing, no pinning, no styling and minimal separation.  It’s just…hanging.  


  1. Hey Lisa! I found you through Monica Mingos site...and OMG! I LOVE your hair!! :)


  2. Hey Keelah! Thanks for the compliment and thanks for stopping by.


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