Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Thursday


I know today is not Sunday but I’ve been wanting to do this for some time and today seemed like a good time as any; because God knows, the likelihood of me blogging on a Sunday is slim to none.

I can not believe that I drove all the way to work yesterday without proper shoes to wear in to work.  I had to stop by Target and purchase something.  I got a lovely pair of wedges on clearance and I love them.  I think it was God’s way of allowing me to buy another pair of shoes that I would have never bought.  Thanks God.  But seriously, I am on a no buy for the next few months.  I don’t need anything.  At all.  I am, however looking forward to purchasing a few newitems for the fall and winter moths.  I’m also quite disgusted by people at work.  I mean, who enters the bathroom talking on the phone and continues to have their conversation while they are actually using the batheroom?  That is just plain old nasty.  Eww!  I really really wish that my sons would get their liceneses right now.  I’m so tired of driving to and fro.  I think that yuesterday’s weather was perfect.  Yes, it was hot but it wasn’t humid.  I love the summer.  My youngest son wants us to become vegetarian in 2012.  I think I’m on board with this idea.  Actually, we’ll be pescatarian but it will be so much healthier for us all.  By the way, I’m joining a gym.  I can no longer deny the fact that I’ve gained a few pounds  And since I have no plans to modify my already pretty decent eating habits, I really need to increase my activity.  The gym is not included in my no buy for the next few months.  Anything for health is worth the money.  So off to the gym I go.  These last few months have been some of the happiest I’ve had in the longest time.  I’ve made new friends, mended some relationships and had tons of fun.

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