Thursday, February 2, 2012

Food Love: 10 Pounds

Ten pounds is not the sequel to that Will Smith movie.  It is also not the name of the latest and greatest restaurant in the area. 

Ten pounds is what I have gained over the past few months due to my excessive eating of rich, delectable food.  And these pounds do not come without accomplices.  There are people who have aided and abetted in this weight gain.


And I love them for it!  Never in my life have I been happy to gain weight, until now.

If you look on my camera phone (or is it phone camera?) you will see a plethora of photos.  A lot of them are pictures of food.  These pictures not only represent culinary ingenuity, but they also represent great times with even greater friends.  And as weird as it sounds, every time I scroll through these pics I recall poignant conversations  or  funny stories that have induced belly laughs to the point of tears.

All because of food.

Woodberry Kitchen

Each time I took a picture of the food I ate I had blogging in mind. 

But every time I began to draft a review of the restaurant, my memory would always drift to the great times I had with my dining partner(s).  The company was always the main course and the delectable food served as an amuse-bouche.  Even if I dined at a place that had mediocre food or sub-par service ( ...and there have been some who have been egregious on both counts…I’m looking at you TruOrleans); the fact that I was dining with people I love meant that it was always a good time.

The most positive part of my foodie experiences are the people with which I dine.

Besides, food reviews are for Yelp!    Good friends make dining experiences better. 

P.S.  I have resolved to tie my memories solely to these pictures and work diligently to drop these pounds.


  1. I yi yi truorleans, smh. But oh how I miss woodberry and harth!

  2. I would go back to Woodberry, again and again. Oh and Sax too.


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