Thursday, November 5, 2009

Have You Ever...

Talked to yourself in your head and then realized that you were actually talking out loud…and someone heard the conversation?

Been in an elevator by yourself and did a little dance…just because?

Been in a meeting and thought about something that was hilarious and bust out laughing?

Been at your desk with earplugs on listening to music and then suddenly realized that you were singing…loudly?

Gotten dressed for work only to realize once you got back home: you either had on only one earring or had on two different earrings?

Driven in a pair of fuzzy slippers to work (because the shoes you planned to wear was already in the car) only to realize that your child had taken them inside the house the night before without your knowledge?

Driven all the way to work to realize that you left your laptop at home…and you need to be in the office that day…and you live 30 minutes away from the office?

Rifled through your purse in search of your bank card only to realize it was where it was supposed to be…neatly tucked in its compartment in your wallet?

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