Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Kid, a Camera...and a Bathroom

My son took this picture last night using my camera phone:

  • Every time I look at it, I chuckle. He’s so dang cute!
  • He's trying to "look hard" whilst wearing a cookie monster t-shirt.
  • I HATE THOSE GLASSES!!! and I forbid him to wear them in public…but he insists on wearing them because they're cool. Probably does it just because he knows I hate ‘em. He’s a rebel like that, ya know?
  • Does he realize that when he posts this picture on FB (because I know he will) that all of the internets will see his dirty bathroom complete with nasty looking washcloth hanging over the shower?
  • He and cookie monster could be brothers...greedy and messy. LOL
  • Did I mention that the kid is cute?
  • Love him to pieces, I do!

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