Thursday, January 13, 2011

Conference Cuisine

 I attended a conference this week and I was quite impressed with the food offerings. 

But I need some clarification for one of the meals.  I know that event menus usually have a theme, like BBQ or Asian or Italian, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what day #2’s lunch was.

I’m going to list some foods in the order that they were placed on the buffet table:

Salad (romaine lettuce and mixed greens)
Salad fixings: pistachios, golden raisins, pear slices, avocado
Salad dressing: Champagne vinaigrette (that could not be shaken to mix the flavors)
Mixed salad with pears and pieces of chicken (I think)
Flatbread w/roasted peppers
Polenta squares with a sun dried tomato on top
Bruschetta with beef tenderloin pieces
Roasted asparagus
Quinoa with roasted peppers (served in a martini glass)
Gazpacho (served in a shot glass)
Deviled eggs

Oh, and the plate we were given to place our food on?  A square, blue translucent plate that was at least 14” x 14”.

Am I missing something here or is that one random display of offerings?

Have you ever had an odd conference lunch?


  1. Da hell kind of random azz spread was that? The had the salad variety thing for a minute, but then that stopped. Then I was thinking maybe a little Mediterranean like small plates, but then, no. Yeah, I'm at a lost. I think that was a "clean the kitchen" buffet spread. This offends me as an event planner.

  2. @Mrstdj LOL. I joked with other attendees that in the morning someone said, "Sh*t, we forgot about the lunch...what can we throw together?"


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