Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Exercise in Spontaneity

I pretty much have good hair days everyday. But those results come from planning the night before. Since my go-to style is the twist out, pretty much every night I moisturize and re-twist my hair. Some nights I make 40+ twists and other nights, I make about 10. It just all depends on my mood and how I want my hair to look the next day.
On occasion, I loathe the routine of twisting but I think of what my hair will look like the next morning and I do it anyway. But last night, I made a conscious decision to NOT pre-style my hair for the next morning for kicks and giggles. All I did was spritz my leave-in conditioner throughout my hair and throw on a satin bonnet for the night.

So...if I made a conscious decision to not pre-style, was I still spontaneous? LOL


Disclaimer: My hair is 4B. It is not the type of hair that you can throw a little water on and get a whole bunch of “curls-a-poppin” and call it a day. If I just throw water on my hair, my hair will drink it up, look back at me and say, “Is that all you got, playa?” This is the main reason that the twist-out is my go-to style. It allows me to have some definition and it stretches my hair which reduces tangles and knots. 

So, this is pretty much what my hair looked like after I took the bonnet off and let the steam hit it from the shower this morning.

I didn’t panic. 

My cousin looked at my hair and said, “What in the world are you going to do with that?”

My answer, “I’m not sure.” 

She saw that I wasn’t stressed and suggested a ‘fro-hawk but by that time, I had decided on a simple ‘fro. Because my hair had been stretched all week, I wasn't too worried about tangles and knots like I would be if this was a wash-n-go.

The Result:

What I did:
· Spritz with homemade leave-in spray
· Apply creamy leave-in conditioner (Shea Moisture’s Deep Treatment Masque – which can be used as a leave-in or a deep conditioner)
· Apply something to seal the moisture. I used my homemade shea butter cream.
· Smooth front of hair back with hands. I didn’t use a brush or gel.
· Use large Goody Ouchless Elastic to smooth hair back in position
· Shape hair
· Done!

I did intend to tie down the front of my hair with a satin scarf to smooth the edges a bit, but I forgot. #Fail

Options for this style:
· A nice satin/silk scarf: To be used as a headband.
· Hair Accessory: A large flower or ornamental hairpin on the side as decoration.
· Pull hair further back with band to create a pony-puff: I would suggest a bit of gel for hold, a boar bristle brush (or hands) for smoothing, and a scarf to tie down the hair for at least 15 minutes to set.

Are you spontaneous with your hair? How do you style your hair on days when you haven’t prepped the night before?


  1. You worked it OUT! Looked great!

  2. Puffs are always great when my hair is "on its last leg." I think I now want to try putting my hair in two french braids.

  3. Thanks ladies!

    @Serenity 3-0 I've been thinking about loosely braided styles too.


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