Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Show Off: Lisa of Lisa is for Love

I had every intention of getting the “Show Off” post up by Saturday at noon.  But what had happened was… LIFE: kids, obligations, free food, etc etc etc

So let’s just call this a weekend wrap-up, shall we?

Saturday was my birthday! 

Happy Birthday to ME!
I turned 37 which means I’m 3 years from turning 40.  I certainly wasn’t depressed by this realization because I don’t look 37.  Vain much?  But, it’s true.  Folks tell me all the time that I look at least 10 years younger than I am and it makes me smile each and every time hear it.  I think of it as God’s way of giving me an extra gift when someone mistakes my children for my siblings and tells me that “Oh my God, you look great!”

Speaking of gifts, I got many others this weekend in honor of my birthday.  Like to hear it, here it go:  

·        Life, Health & Strength.  I am well aware that it could have been the other way.  Thanks God for another year.
·        The Last, my youngest son, for coming to me just minutes after 12:00 midnight, standing in front of me, outstretching his arms, saying “happy birthday mommy” and giving me a hug.  He also allowed me to kiss him on the cheek.  This may not sound like much to you, but if you have teenage boys, you understand how this is priceless gift.!
·        The First, my oldest, for just being him.  I was 2 weeks shy of 19 when I had him and we literally grew up together.  He’s taught me things over the years that I may have never learned otherwise.
·        Mi Madre for the awesome lunch, light shopping, conversation and Starbuck’s that we shared Saturday.  Oh…and for giving me birth.
·        Mi Padre for being my Daddy…and sliding me some cold hard cash.
·        My 7 year old goddaughter.  She’s the daughter that I will never have (cuz I ain’t having no mo’).  She was so excited to give me a hand-painted ceramic star that she almost couldn’t wait until Saturday.  Love that kid!
·        My cousin for buying me dinner even though I was full from lunch.  I ain’t refusing free food.   EVER.
·        Officer McDonald.  Yes, I love a man in uniform and he graciously gave me a WARNING ticket in lieu of the $160 speeding ticket that I should have gotten Saturday morning.
·        The deacon at church who said that I looked like Ms. Black America.
·        The lady in the bathroom at church who said she loved my hair.
·        Cell Phones and Facebook.  Many of my friends can attest that my FB participation is so very tired.  Regardless, my friends and family sent me warm birthday wishes via FB and text, starting at about 1:00AM.  I’ve posted more this weekend than I have in months.
·        Real Housewives of Atlanta.  My guilty trash TV pleasure that never disappoints.
·        Crème Brûlée, Key Lime Pie, Cheesecake, Cupcakes and White Chocolate Mocha.  All of these were filled with empty calories and consumed in the span of 48 hours.  But they were all delicious and well worth the extra pound or so that I may have gained by consuming them.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great one.


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