Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Product Review: A Final Word on “Curls”

I’ve written about the Curls products here and here.

I used the products that I purchased with my own money once again; this time, following the instructions to the letter.

I detangled and clarified my hair, ridding it of any product build up.  I then applied the cleansing cream to each section of hair and worked it through.  Bleh!  My hair still didn’t feel quite right.  I expected it to feel soft.  After the rinse, I applied the conditioner to my hair, added a plastic cap and sat under the hood dryer for 25 minutes.  I rinsed my hair with cool water.  Again, still didn’t completely like how my hair felt and I'm pretty sure it's because of the protein content in the conditioner.  I sectioned off my hair, added a bit of leave in conditioner along with some gel and braided each section of hair for a braid out.  I don’t like braid-outs on me either, by the way.

I really want to love these products but I just don’t.  Maybe I'm using the wrong things for my hair type. And because of the price, I'm pretty sure I won't be trying any other products from this company unless, of course, someone recommends something that's really working for them.  LOL - PJ for Life!  I am happy, however, that they work for others and will find somebody to give them too. 

Any 4B ladies out there that use Curls and like it?  If so, what are you using?

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