Friday, April 29, 2011

The Ex Files: Password Protection

I have had plenty of opportunity to think about my last relationship.  I’m not regretting or wishing things were different, mind you; I’ve just been pondering, learning and growing.

When you’ve been in a relationship like I was that lasted over 4 years, you begin to do certain things.  Unbeknownst to the ex, one of the things I did was use characters, words and numbers that were related to him (and the two of us) as passwords for various accounts like voicemail, online banking, websites, etc. 

It dawned on me when the relationship ended that I would need to change that but I never took action.  Those passwords are embedded in my memory.  Who wants to go through the hassle of finding out how to change them and then commit the new ones to memory?  Add to the fact that you have to have alpha and numeric characters, symbols and such and well…I just kept them the same because I didn’t want to deal with the process.

Until today.

Even though I have moved on and am quite happy, those small reminders – even the ones as simple as “96391” – are a hindrance to what is in store for me.  And I’m too excited about my future to be stifled by alpha-numeric characters that are associated with my past.

So today I took the time to start changing my passwords and I’ve felt a bit more free because of it.

Sometimes, the small things DO matter. :-)

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  1. I've often wondered whether I'd keep my anniversary passwords when I move on and remarry. This was a timely post...thanks.


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