Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dating Follies: Date #2 with DandD

So yeah, after that craziness from date #1 with DandD, I went out with him again.

Why on earth would I do such a thing?

Necessity met opportunity.  I had free tickets to an event and my girlfriend couldn’t go at the very last minute.  DandD happened to call and ask if I wanted to go out that night.  Seeing as how I really had to use that other ticket (not using it would prevent me from getting future free tickets), I invited him to go along.  

We went to a concert so there was little need for communication, except for the ride to and from the venue.  I still couldn’t get the dine-and-dash incident out of my mind and would have taken the opportunity to address it during the ride, but I found out some other gems instead.

More deal-breakers:

·        He has children.  No big deal, most men in their 40’s do.  But he has no problems introducing his potentials to them and the rest of his family early on.  I can’t get with that.  At.all. He mentioned in casual conversation that in his last relationship, his girlfriend had been over his house, kicked it with the kids and they had met each other’s family.  That all happened within a month of casual dating.  Did I mention that he wanted to introduce me to his daughter on date #2?  No sir!
·        Although he loves seafood, that’s about as far as his food palette will take him.  I like all kinds of food and I can’t be limited to ordering a dozen of jumbo crabs and frequenting the local franchise restaurants.  There’s nothing wrong with that, mind you, but as a Foodie, learning that information made me sad.
·        He was bothered that men were looking at me.  While I won’t admit to being a beauty queen, I do believe I do alright in the looks department.  And when I go out, especially this particular venue, I dress nice.  And while I’m not that chick that goes grocery shopping in a freakum dress and heels, I do enjoy dressing up.  I’m tall, I wear heels; folks are going to notice me regardless.  I think it’s a weak move to lean in to my ear during the concert and say, “Do you realize that men be looking at you?”  Really?  If I’m out with a gentleman, I’m out with him.  I don’t make it a practice to draw attention to myself or to check out other men.  My focus is on getting where I’m going and having a good time with my date.  He mentioned this in the car too.

There has not been and will never be a date #3.  I refuse to waist his time (and money) knowing that there are fundamental things that I can't deal with.

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  1. Ugh! As much as I love seafood, being relegated to just that forever? Fail!! Guess he's got a VIP card for the Shrimp Boat in SE! *lol*


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