Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Product Review 1st Take: Terressentials Lavendar Garden Pure Earth Hair Wash

Note: Apologies for the lack of pictures in this post.  I was too concerned with mastering the process to stop and take photos of the experience.  I’ll be sure to include pictures in my 2nd review of this product.

I mentioned this product the other day in this post .  Here’s my opinion after one use.

In a word, LOVE!  I’ll need to continue using it for a more balanced review but my hair has NEVER felt this good after a wash.

Ordering and Delivery:
I ordered my product on 4/20; got my ship notice on 4/21 and the packaged arrived at my door on 4/23.  I expected a quick delivery as I only live about 60 miles from Terressentials .  The hair wash came packaged nicely in a box and there was no damage to the product.  There were instructions concerning the product included in the box.

Organic aloe vera juice°, clay minerals, organic extract° of organic linden flower°, essential oils of organic true lavender° and organic sweet orange°, extracts of organic nettle°, organic chamomile° and organic shavegrass°, essential oils of organic rose geranium°, organic ylang ylang° and organic clove bud°.

°USDA Certified Organic

The instructions stated that if you were going to use the product on kinky, thick hair that it may be best to dilute the wash with water.  I started out the way Naptural85 diluted hers in her youtube video (in a small bowl) and quickly realized that her method wouldn’t work for me - too messy.  So I found a small spray bottle with a ‘stream’ option on the spray nozzle and added approximately 1 tablespoon of mud, per their instructions, and about ½ cup of warm water and then shook it vigorously to dilute. When I ran low, I just added more water since the remaining amount still looked muddy.

I hadn’t washed my hair in 12 days.  I wore a twist out for 9 of those days and a ‘fro puff for the last 3.  My hair was looking kind of dull and lifeless and had plenty of tangles due to my puff even though it wasn’t a wash-n-go puff.  I decided to NOT detangle my hair prior to using this product just to see how it would really work.  I sectioned my hair off in 6 sections and secured them with clips.

I then took each section and divided it in half or thirds, depending on how large it was.  I sprayed some wash at the base 1st and massaged my scalp.  I then sprayed each section a couple of times and worked the wash through my hair from root to tip.  After I worked the wash through the section, I gently detangled by pulling the strands apart with my hands.  Once pulled apart, I finger combed through the section to rid it of shed hairs.  Then, I twisted the section and went on to the next.

It took me about an hour to do my entire head because I wanted to make sure that I worked the product through properly and gave it enough time to sit in my hair.  I didn’t ‘detox’ as the website suggested because I don’t use many synthetic products and didn’t think I had much build up from the few “unhealthy” products that I use.  To rinse, I put my head under a running stream of warm water and rinsed the twists until the water was clean.  I then wrung out any excess water and wrapped my hair in a t-shirt for about 15-20 minutes.

After my hair was rinsed and air-dried for 15-20 minutes, I unraveled each twist, one at a time, and applied my shea butter mixture and re-twisted.  This was the only time that I used a brush and that was just on the ends to help with the smoothing.  I woke up this morning to well moisturized twists that I unraveled and fluffed.  Easy, breezy!

I really LOVE this product.  My hair has never felt so clean and moisturized.  It never felt stripped or dry.  The fact that there wasn’t any lather didn’t faze me one bit and my scalp was clean.  Notice that I DID NOT use a conditioner during any part of this process.  I was skeptical about the omission but my hair still feels good.  I also noticed that my curl pattern was more defined when I was working the product through.  I hadn’t seen those types of ringlets and curls in quite some time.

If you’re really looking for an all natural organic cleanser, I recommend that you give this a try.

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