Thursday, July 2, 2009

Prejudice Much?

Whether you're a tree-hugging left-leaning Democrat, a righteous right-winged Republican or somewhere in betwixt the two, we all experienced the propaganda that led up to Election Day. And no matter how good of a person we are, those ads, clips and rallies affected us all. But, how much?

Picture it: Maryland, 295 South, January 2009 – post Obama inauguration…

I’m riding home from work, minding my own business, and I come upon something that makes you go, 'Hmmh. I see the back of an American-made SUV with bumper stickers plastered on the back. Nothing unusual. Two bumper stickers said, ‘McCain/Palin 2008’; one said, ‘NoBama’; one said ‘Obama is not THE ONE…Vote McCain’; and the last one, a magnetic ribbon that said, ‘We Support Our Troops’. All stickers fashioned in the patriotic colors of red, white and blue. The last thing I saw - a little American eagle affixed to the tip of the antennae.

My immediate thought…rednecks. I sped up a little to see who really was in this truck. It was a man and woman, both white, both looked to be in their 60’s, and both looked to be rural types. I could tell they were rural types, the man had on a flannel shirt. My thought went from redneck to racist. Republican bumper stickers…an American eagle…two older white, rural looking people = racist.

Really? I put all of those images together – which singularly amount to nothing - and figured that these 2 people didn't like me (a black person)…they don’t like Hispanics…they don’t like Jews…and they certainly don’t like gays or lesbians – you know, “the queers”. I couldn't see it, but I’m sure that there was a hunting vest and a NRA membership card somewhere in the vicinity.

Why did I let my mind go that far?

I pride myself in being the one to NOT stereotype. I’m the mom that teaches her children that Oriental is a oodles of noodles flavor and all Mexicans don’t mow lawns for a living. I’m the “We Are the World” chick that believes not all white people hate black people, not all urban-dressing black men with saggy jeans are going to rob you and not all Goth-looking white kids with black trench coats and make-up are going to wander into school and shoot up the joint. So why did I judge these people who were minding their business driving down 295 south. I've never talked to them, never interacted with them, never gave them the opportunity to prove me wrong…or right.

Extremists + The Media + An Information Junkie = One "We Are the World" Chick, driving down 295 south judging folks.

It got out of hand this past presidential election. They almost had me, but I got away.

Did the media get a hold of you during the election?

With love, Lisa

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